Drama Etched Into the Dust

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Leopard 2 (2)

As the season of dust is firmly settling in it’s actually proving to be a boon to the enthusiastic tracker.

This was well proven when the guides at Ka’Ingo could interpret a whole sequence of events of a recent leopard kill, just by the tracks & sign left to attest to the event.

The initial indicator was a distinctive drag mark crossing the road. From there the scene unfolded by backtracking events; in stealthily imprinted tracks of a stalking predator observing oblivious prey, then patience flashing to the chaotic entropy of the attack and eventual kill. Hoof marks of Impala were heading frantically in all directions, yet the determined strides of a female leopard towards its chosen quarry were direct and with a deadly purpose. The resultant etched sign of a struggling body being pinned down conjures up a vision of a dust cloud as prey refuses to submit to predator, yet alas, a small puddle of congealed blood spells out the outcome of that contest too clearly.

What was left to follow and interpret was a drag mark onto a dark track into an even darker gully, where only the foolhardy would dare to follow, tracking enthusiast or not.

Laurie Roux

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