Birds of a Feather

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When one thinks of a Game reserve or Lodge one tends to only think large mammals and beautiful sunsets. This perception usually changes within the first moments upon embarking on a game drive vehicle as one’s senses are bombarded by a myriad of twittering calls and splashes of incandescent colours. Yes, our feathered brethren will do their precocious best to make themselves noticed.

Swallow Tailed Bee Eater

Even though it is still a drab and dusty winter we have a myriad of local bird species that can lighten up the landscape, and not just any old species. Flitting about in the gardens of the lodge at Ka’Ingo one will easily be surprised by a Swallow-tailed Bee-eater (yes that one that adorns the front page of any SASOL bird guide found in most book shops) landing on branch just meters away. Furthermore Grey-hooded Kingfishers, African Harrier-hawks (Gymnogene) and Narina Trogon are just a taste of what is still a possibility to glimpse when visiting our magnificent reserve.

P.S. Those are all considered rare bird species to see even to the most ardent of bird watchers.

By Laurie Roux

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