The Diversity of Habitats on Ka’Ingo

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Habitat: The natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism.

Due to the fact that in recent historic times fencing off of land has limited visitors to many game reserves, farms and nature reserves to be able to come into contact with all the habitats offered in the Waterberg. Only when all of these habitats are experienced holistically is it possible to comprehend the magnificent uniqueness of the Waterberg Biosphere.

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Fortunately Ka’Ingo has such topographical diversity that makes it one of the few reserves being able to actually offer all of these habitats to an appreciative visitor.

From the open plains of montane sourveld, to the deep sandy bushveld of broad leafed trees climbing up from shaded cliff bases to towering rocky cliff tops, slashed diagonally with riparian gorges cutting down to the river or more dramatically falling away vertically from the escarpment, one can only marvel at the splendour of nature showcased on Ka’Ingo.

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The next few blog instalments will discuss each habitat individually and in more detail.

Laurie Roux

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