Waterberg Habitats 3 – Riparian diversity

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With 13 kilometers of river frontage as well as many kloofs, streams and gullies there is a massive diversity in the topography of Ka’Ingo Private Game Reserve. Riparian is the general reference to the interface between a river or stream and land, but can describe various types of landscapes such as riverbanks, stream beds and kloofs. Wherever water finds its way from a higher to lower elevation riparian plant life in all its abundant variety can be found and be marvelled at..

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This zone in all its various iterations has a number of unique plant and animal species that are conspicuously encountered. Trees include Water berry (Syzygium cordatum), Kooboo berry (Mystroxylon aethiopicum) and Blue bush (Diospyros lycoides). In the higher kloofs; Blue bitterberry (Strychnos usambarensis ),Thorny elm (Chaetacme aristata) and Narrow-leafed Butterspoon (Coptosperma supra-axillare).

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Mammals typically seen are Bushbuck, Nyala, Waterbuck, Common Reedbuck, Otters, Water Mongoose and of course Hippopotamus. The   class of Reptilia are well represented by the Nile Crocodile, Water monitor and Green Water Snake. Fish included are Red-breasted and Blue Tilapia and various Barbel species. This area is also a birding enthusiasts dream as Kingfishers, Storks, Egrets, Cormorants, Darters, Osprey and the majestic Fish Eagle are frequently spotted.

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This is probably the more likely of the individual habitats found on Ka’Ingo where one will enjoy closing off a great game drive, enjoying a relaxing sundowner and drinking in the view of a magnificent setting sun reflecting off the languid twists of the ancient Mokolo river.


Written by Laurie Roux


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